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Complete Furniture Set Restoration

Is your furniture worn out? Revamped by Vettie specializes in restoring furniture sets, bringing back their glory, and complementing your home décor. Our experienced craftsmen use only the best materials to restore furniture and give it a modern touch

Reliable Furniture Restoration Services in Spring Hill, FL

Revamped by Vettie brings premium furniture restoration services to Spring Hill, FL. We handle everything, from dining table restoration to kitchen table makeovers, ensuring your furniture sets are back in their original form. It doesn’t matter if it’s an antique office set or your beloved bedroom set, we retain the history while updating the look.

furniture set restoration spring hill fl

Transform Your Space with Restored Sets

Got an old furniture set that’s lost its shine? Our service specializes in restoring old furniture, giving them a new lease on life while retaining their character. We focus on the intricate details, ensuring the set’s integrity is maintained while giving it a modern twist. Experience a revitalized space, breathing new energy into your surroundings.

Crafting Beauty in Every Restoration

At Revamped by Vettie in Spring Hill, FL, we believe in reviving the beauty of every piece in your furniture set. Be it a commercial furniture restoration or a personal project, our skilled craftspeople handle it with dedication, restoring the charm of your beloved pieces. Watch as we bring back the glory of your furniture set, creating a harmonious space.

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